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Who Gives Food Gives the Recipients Four Things

On one occasion the Blessed One was dwelling among the Koliyans near the Koliyan town named Sajjanela. Then, in the morning, the Blessed One dressed, took his bowl and robe, and went to the residence of the Koliyan daughter Suppavāsā, where he sat down in the prepared seat. Then the Koliyan daughter Suppavāsā, with her own hand, served and satisfied the Blessed One with various kinds of delicious food. When the Blessed One had finished eating and had put away his bowl, the Koliyan daughter Suppavāsā sat down to one side. The Blessed One then said to her:

“Suppavāsā, a female noble disciple who gives food gives the recipients four things. What four? She gives life, beauty, happiness, and strength. Having given life, she partakes of life, whether celestial or human. Having given beauty, she partakes of beauty, whether celestial or human. Having given happiness, she partakes of happiness, whether celestial or human. Having given strength, she partakes of strength, whether celestial or human. Suppavāsā, a female noble disciple who gives food gives the recipients these four things.”

When one gives well-prepared food, pure, delicious, and flavorful, to the upright ones who are exalted and of excellent conduct, that offering, which links merit with merit, is praised as very fruitful by the world-knowers. Those recollecting such generosity dwell in the world inspired by joy. Having removed the stain of miserliness and its root, blameless, they go to the heavenly abode.

SuppavāsāsuttaAN 4.57

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Thonglouane Keorajavongsay
Thonglouane Keorajavongsay
Jul 31, 2023

🙏🙏🙏 kanoi really appreciate this Sutta and 🙏 for providing kanoi

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