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Morning Meditation Practice in California

The Benefits of Meditation Practice

At Savatthi. “Bhikkhus, develop concentration. A bhikkhu who is concentrated understands things as they really are."

The Buddha encourages Anāthapiṇḍika to not rest short with generosity, but to practice meditation too.

“Householders, you have supplied the mendicant Saṅgha with robes, almsfood, lodgings, and medicines and supplies for the sick. But you should not be content with just this much. So you should train like this: ‘How can we, from time to time, enter and dwell in the rapture of seclusion?’ That’s how you should train.”

Morning Meditation Practice in Mariposa, California

Fresh Bread Rolls

How to having food

And how does a bhikkhu observe moderation in eating? Here, reflecting carefully, a bhikkhu consumes food neither for amusement nor for intoxication nor for the sake of physical beauty and attractiveness, but only for the support and maintenance of this body, for avoiding harm, and for assisting the spiritual life, considering: ‘Thus I shall terminate the old feeling and not arouse a new feeling, and I shall be healthy and blameless and dwell at ease.’ It is in this way that a bhikkhu observes moderation in eating."


Being Mindful and Stay Calm

"Ānanda, you should also remember this sixth topic for recollection. In this case, a mendicant goes out mindfully, returns mindfully, stands mindfully, sits mindfully, lies down mindfully, and applies themselves to work mindfully. When this topic of recollection is developed and cultivated in this way it leads to mindfulness and situational awareness.”

Walking Meditation

“Bhikkhus, there are these five benefits of walking meditation. What five? One becomes capable of journeys; one becomes capable of striving; one becomes healthy; what one has eaten, drunk, consumed, and tasted is properly digested; the concentration attained through walking meditation is long lasting. These are the five benefits of walking meditation.”

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